Vanity Fair is about….

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“Vanity Fair” is about body empowerment, booty love and the current booty trend. When I was writing this song I had a few moments thinking – is there a place for another booty song? I think I kind of get away with it because this song flips the idea around a bit whilst having fun with it at the same time. I like pop cultural references within pop culture as a way of playing with whatever is flying around and in my head at the time. Like “ok, lets play with this idea” and then hopefully the issue will be dead and we can put a lid on any more booty songs! 

Another idea behind this song is that there is a growing “ass epidemic” in the media, particularly in the music industry, with self professed big booty bitches like Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Iggy Azalea & Jennifer Lopez taking up more space with the glorification of their own and every women’s assets. Also, let’s not forget to mention Megan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” attempt to empower “big” girls. More and more these days there is talk about whose butt is real, whose is fake and which cultures really own the big booty. Women are expected to have a tiny waist and a thick ass in order to fit the current trend in beauty standards however I didn’t want to get too political with all that on this track but rather nod to it, as in “yeah, this is happening at the moment and where do I and other women feel about that and fit with that”. I wanted to try and put an Australian’s point of view on the subject.

I celebrate women’s bodies and celebrate the celebration of women’s bodies so really this track is purely an acknowledgment of that, not making fun of what seems like a media epidemic, but wanting to be a bit tongue in cheek lyrically and add some flavor to the topic.